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is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation portrayed by Chris Pratt.Originally meant to be a temporary character, Andy was so likable that producers asked Pratt back as a series regular.When she finally returns from Venezuela, she arrives with a new boyfriend, Eduardo. In the episode "Time Capsule", Andy befriends Eduardo at the advice of Chris Traeger.

During the fifth season, Andy continues to pursue his ambition to become a police officer and seeks help from others to better his chances of passing the police academy entrance exams.This later causes him problems with April, who continues to believe he is still in love with Ann.Andy has been unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with April.After Mark Brendanawicz begins dating Ann, Andy grows to hate him, but pretends to like him whenever Ann is around.Andy is injured in the pit a second time when Leslie arranges to have it filled with dirt, unaware that Andy is still in the pit.

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